Thrash metallers Exodia reveal cover and tracklist of their debut album: Slow Death!!!

Slow Death cover by Juanjo Castellano

An annihilating combination of speedy riffs, groovie rhythms and heartrending vocals that will you start headbanging from the first second.

Tracklist is composed by the next tracks:

  • 01 The end
  • 02 No rules no kisses
  • 03 Fight my cock and your palate
  • 04 Like a rat
  • 05 Creating addicts
  • 06 World’s cancer
  • 07 Ensure my safety
  • 08 She begs for mercy
  • 09 Push the button
  • 10 The desire of darkness
  • 11 The stark reality
  • 12 You lose your life
  • 13 No solution

Spanish release date: 2nd of April 2012

European and worldwide release: 6th of April 2012

Pre-order the album on from the 6th of March 2012!!!

On tour with Evile in April!!!