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Symphonic extreme metallers Mortuorial Eclipse reveal the artwork of their debut opus, which will be entitled “The Aethyrs’ Call”.  The band proudly describes the album as:

“A piece of art which combines Blackened Death Metal with Symphonic compositions and ancestral resemblance, extended through dark and intense passages occasionally assembled into exquisite dramatic sections.”

Mortuorial Eclipse CD

Tracklist is composed by the next tracks:

1- The Summoner’s Procession
2- Advent Of A Sinister Omen
3- Crepuscular Necromantic Visions
4- Perpetual Covenant
5- At The Gates Of The Marduk´s Shrine
6- Brotherhood Of the Serpent
7- Orion`s Progeny
8- Submission

“The Aethyrs’ Call” will be released through Art Gates Records in Spain on February 25 and rest of Europe March 1st.

The album has been produced by Mortuorial Eclipse and co-produced by Matias Takaya, mixed and mastered by Arek “Malta” Malczewski (Decapitated, Behemoth, Vesania) at Sound Division Studios in Poland.

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