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Italian contemporary extreme metallers Secretpath have revealed the cover artwork for their debut opus, which will be entitled “Wanderer and the Choice”. The artwork cover has been designed by Dantemanuele de Santis from Italy.
Tracklist will be composed by the next 10 tracks:
01 The Path
02 From the Woods of Lilith
03 Nunc Sunt Flores
04 Still Darkness of the Abyss
05 I’ve Chosen
06 Essence of Chaos
07 The Dark Forest of My Insanity
08 In praecipiti Esse
09 … And so I Return to the River
10 I’m Your Guide
“Wanderer and the choice” combines all the diverse influences from Secretpath giving as a result the personal and unique sound of the band, not categorized in any specific genre.
Spanish release date: 07/06/13
Europe and rest: June 2013
The album will be available for pre-order from the 7th of May on AGR Online Store.
Stay updated for the next news of these Italians!!!