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Spanish Medieval Folk act Cuélebre reveals the cover artwork extracted from their debut album, which will be entitled “Oinos”.

In words of the band:
“Oinos” means “one” in Protoceltic.. We chose this title because it is our first album and symbolizes the beginning of the group and its history, the beginning of the path.
The artwork has been designed by Edmundo Saiz (which previously worked with extreme metallers Noctem).
The cover shows a young woman on his back staring at the wide landscape that emerges in front of her. It’s a faceless figure that well could be a resident of the Iron Age or early medieval, resting beside a hurdy gurdy. It is a scene of contemplation and rest but it holds the power of the gaze to the horizon and the expectation of what is yet to come, the beginning of a long path.
Cuélebre - Oinos
“Oinos” Tracklist is composed by the following tracks:

1-Fodder For The Raven
3-Amergin’s Chant
4-Dekam Kwennos
10-Bosque y Piedra

The album has been recorded by Yhandros Huergo at Estudios Flich from Valencia, Spain and mixed, produced and mastered by Yhandros Huergo.

Spanish Release Date: June 16th 2014

Europe & Worldwide: June 16th 2014

More info coming soon to www.artgatesrecords.com and the official sites of Cuélebre.

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