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Steignyr - Tales of a Forgotten Hero 600

Epic Celtic Death Metal combo Steignyr reveal us the cover artwork design of their new LP, which will receive the title of “Tales of a Forgotten Hero”.

The cover artwork has been designed by Jön Thörgrimr (Vocalist / Guitarist of the band) and it reflects the feelings in the battle, power, courage and honor.

The sound of the band in this LP shows how hard the band worked on it and what their name implies, epicness, celtic melodies, and a great power. This new album contains the collaboration of Javi Crosas ( Drakum ), Mireia ( Moonshide), Sharm and Raven (Sovengar).

“Tales of a Forgotten Hero” tracklist is composed by the following twelve tracks:

1. The Rise of a Legend
2. Dragon’s Tales
3. Trolls in Wars
4. Forever Free
5. Oak of Wisdom
6. Wind of Revenge
7. Celtic Land
8. The Rage of the King
9. Tales of a Forgotten Hero
10. Steignyr
11. Sword of Victory
12. *Wind of Revenge (Orchestral Version)

The album has been recorded and produced at Steignyr Studios, mixed and mastered at Bestplugins Studio.

European Release Date: November 10th
Worldwide Release Date: November 10th