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BLACK FLAMES OVER CHINA TOUR 2016! We are proud to announce Black/Death Metallers Cvinger tour in China. The Crusade of the Black Flame will begin March 18th and will end April 4th 2016.


Tour Dates:

3.18 Huhehaote呼市/Who Hot Livehouse
3.19 Beijing北京/MAO Livehouse
3.20 Wuchang武昌/VOX Livehouse
3.21 Guangan广安/小酒馆Little Bar
3.22 Chongqing重庆/坚果Nuts Livehouse
3.24 Guangzhou广州/乐府Yuefu
3.25 Dongguan东莞/So what Livehouse
3.26 Shenzhen深圳/红糖罐Hongtanguan
3.27 Zhaoqing肇庆/雷Ray Livehouse
3.28 Maoming茂名/MMO
3.30 Changsha长沙/46 Livehouse
3.31 Zhengzhou郑州/7 Livehouse
4.01 Luoyang洛阳/喜堂Xitang
4.02 Baoding保定/暗香咖啡Anxiang Cafe
4.03 Huairou怀柔/大槐树Pagoda Tree Bar
4.04 Beijing北京/United Fest

The tour is organized by MORT PRODUCTIONS from China 号角唱片.