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Contemporary Extreme Metallers Silent Images are about to release their debut LP “Knightfall” in Spain this February 29th and Worldwide the next March 28th!

The artwork of the album has been designed by the artist Claudio Orosco (Claudio Orosco-Art) and represents the Batman: Knightfall story arc, with additional cues taken from the Arkham game series, as well as trinkets of philosophy. Lyrically, Shakespearean English, German, French and Latin are utilized to complement the diverse musicality. Musically, Knightfall is a pandora’s box of brutality, melody and eclecticism, weaving distinctive tapestries that establish Knightfall’s musical framework, complementing the narrative lyrics and thus forging a concept album that is both musically and conceptually distinguishing, perhaps even heretical from a traditionalist’s point of view.

Silent Images - Knightfall menor calidad

“Knightfall” tracklist will be composed by the next tracks:

1- Prologue: Cry Havoc
2- Unleash The Dogs Of War
3- Praefectus Nostrum
4- Realpolitik
5- I Am The City (Je Suis La Nuit)
6- Tick Tock
7- Außenpolitik
8- Brethren’s Burden
9- Rise, Narcissus, Rise!
10- Ignotum
11- Epilogue: Of Fervid Custodians

The album has been recorded at Berno Studio & Studio Motion, produced by Ulf Blomberg and Silent Images, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg at HoboRec Studios.

Spain: 29/02/16
Europe & Rest of the World: 28/03/16

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More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and:


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