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Spanish Power Metal outfit Raven’s Gate reveals the long awaited cover artwork of their new opus, which will receive the title of “Blackstar Machinery”. The cover artwork has been created by Joe A. Arca and represents the development of the band’s music along with toothed wheels which represent the first album.

In words of the band:

“It represents an unfolding at every level, both musical and visual, maximising the hallmarks of the band. This supposes an evolution of the band, which is reflected and represented in the new show of Raven’s Gate”.


“Blackstar Machinery’s” tracklist:

0 – Enter the Blackstar
1 – The New Wave
2 – Kill the Enders
3 – Powerlife
4 – Whirlwind
5 – Nilybrium Fields
6 – The Hollow
7 – In love with a Shadow
8 – Dance of the Scarecrow
9 – Niagara

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Novo Estudios and produced by Raven’s Gate.

Spain: 04/11
Worldwide: 25/11