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Spanish Metal trio Trallery unveils hot details about their new record, which will receive the title of “Spiritless”, due out November 4th (Spain) and November 25th (Europe) through Art Gates Records.

Concept & Artwork: Irene Gayà / Design: Sebastià Gayà

Track list below:
Evil Pride
Scavenger Crow
Unknown Confusion
Hidden Scar
Hollow Stare
Keep Your Eyes Open
Hunt To Kill
Time Is Over
The Attraction Remains

“Spiritless” has been recorded at “Psychosomatic Recording Studio” mixed and produced by M.À. Riutort (Mega) during December (2015), January and February (2016) and mastered by Hay Zeelen at “Hay Zeelen Mastering Studio Mallorca”, who has previously worked with bands as Sepultura or Satyricon among many others. In “Spiritless”, Trallery has developed a darker athmosphere not just in the music composition but in their new image and lyrics, which are based on emotional feelings, introspection exercises and empathic perspectives of different kind of personalities. This new album is an advance in their way of understanding Metal.