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The AGR staff is glad to announce the addition of Italian act Blackened Symphony to its roster of artists and releases of 2017.

This Contemporary Metal outfit was born in Italy in 2006, the band executes a blend of melodic death metal and electronic music giving as a result the unique style of these Italians.

After 2 EP’s, BS publishes their debut album “Eyes of Eternity” in 2009. Following some line-up changes and an evolution of the sound to a more melodic and electronic-influenced style, in 2013 the second full length, self produced, “Hear Your Senses” is released, with a following promoting tour in Italy and The Netherlands. Following the path started with “Hear Your Senses” and with further evolution of the sound, 2017 will see the third LP of the band preceded by the single “One Day”.

More info coming soon to www.artgatesrecords.com and:

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