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We are more than proud to announce Hyperborea as the new artist to become part of the Art Gates Records family! Being around for almost 20 years, HYPERBOREA has established its name as one of the most solid and experienced Bulgarian death metal bands. This five-pieced combo has the ability to play its complex music as a one entity in a live situation – with precision timing, crushing power, bite and heaviness that are the milestone of any death metal act worth its name.

In words of the band:

“We grew up with bands from the oldschool death metal scene like Death, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Pestilence, Loudblast. Since the beginning of our carreer, 20 years ago, we have always wanted to play our favourite style of music, but of course, adding something personal to it. We have always been a predominantly concert band, we love to see the exaltation and moshpits in the audience, and party together with our friends. After so many years of effort, now we are happy and proud to sign with such a distinguished label like Art Gates Records!”

In words of Iván Magdalena (CEO & Label Manager):

“I am thrilled to introduce a high quality Death Metal act as Hyperborea in our family and be able to spread it to the Metal community and help them grow. Exciting news come with exciting music.”

During its career the band has performed with artists such as Arch Enemy, Obituary, Vader (to name a few …)
Hyperborea’s third album will come out from the darkness through Art Gates Records in 2018.

More news coming soon to www.artgatesrecords.com and:


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