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“Jackhammer” is the title of Swiss Blues/Thrash Metal upcoming album, due out on March 15th 2019.

In words of the band:

“Jackhammer is the rude awakening of a dormant creature which has turned into a destructive weapon during the last four years and is now willing to raze everything to the ground.
The album is the beginning of a new chapter in the band history of Final Cut and is fully packed with fast and raging guitar riffs, hammering beats accompanied by aggressive vocals and breathtaking harmonica parts. Jackhammer brings a broad grin to the faces and invites you to demolish everything!”


1. Full steam ahead
2. Creature
3. Break the barriers
4. Momentum
5. Generation Y
6. Prejudices
7. Regrets
8. Grin
9. Die or die, guaranteed
10. Picasso’s thoughts

“Jackhammer” has been recorded and mixed by SOS Basement Recording Studios and mastered by Echochamber Dan Suter.

Preorder options coming soon.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and: