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The upcoming album of studio by Alt Metal act New Disorder will receive the title of “Mind Pollution”, due out on March 15th 2019.

In words of the band :

” We have worked very hard to do our best and we can say we are totally satisfied with the wall of sound created in the studio by Antonio Aronne (producer at Studiocompresso Recording Studio). We are pretty sure this record has the right mix of heaviness and melody and the most modern sound we’ve ever had.”


1. Riot
2. News From Hell
3. Mind Pollution
4. W.T.F. (Spreading Hate)
5. Going Down
6. Room With A View
7. Scars
8. Get Out
9. The Beast
10. No Place For Me

After releasing 3 albums: “Dissociety” (2013), “Straight to the Pain” (2015) and “Deception” (2017) and being on tour all over Europe and performing in festivals along artists such as Pain, Jinjer or Betraying the Martyrs, New Disorder is ready to surprise the worldwide Metal scene with “Mind Pollution”.

Preorder options coming soon.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and: