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Art Gates Records is thrilled to announced the addition of Swiss Blackened Heavy Metal act Frijgard. This four pieced combo executes a wild combination of original Heavy Metal and Black Metal + a unique vision of the genre. Overall the band’s lyrical themes are inspired by historical events, nature, science fiction, paganism and fantasy.
In words of Iván Magdalena (CEO):
“I’m very happy to introduce our new signing Frijgard as we are a label that has always supported Extreme Metal. I think they can achieve great goals and we will support them in many ways”.
The third album of the band receives the title of “Chapter Zero” and is the definitive opus of the band, composed by 8 powerful tracks as follows:
1. Blazing Ark
2. Blurry Horizon
3. Falling Stars
4. Crimson Skies
5. Haven
6. Red Lines Crossed
7. Aftermath
8. Tilia
The album has been recorded at Iguana Studios mixed and mastered and produced by Christoph Brandes.

Worldwide Release Date: 14/06/2019

Preorder available from 17/05/2019

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and: