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We are proud to introduce swedish Viking Metal five-pieced combo Havamal to the Art Gates Records family. These sweds formed back in 2016 offer an unique sound, with mighty orchestras, simple but beautiful riffs, and a wild mix of viking, black, power and deathmetal. With crowd-pleasing theatrical live appearances, Havamal brings the audience a complete metal experience. And finally, with the unique approach in the lyrics and the story-telling, Havamal offers something that no other band does: A new kind of metal sound

In words of the band:

“An alliance stronger than forged iron has dawned, and the horizons spands ever-open for us, our war-tattered heathen horde!. Hail the moment of triumph that will guide our paths from here on! Hail the mighty record company of AGR! Hail our ferocious horde that has made this possible! Hail the Aesir gods that smiles upon us this glorious day! Hail Odins mighty words! Hail Havamal!”

After performing in several shows in Sweden, including the Wacken Metal Battle of 2018, Havamal are ready to release their full length debut album to the world on June 28th through Art Gates Records.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and: