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Bulgarian Death Metal machinery Hyperborea reveals hot details of their upcoming and third album of studio, receiving the title of “Umbra”, due out on November 15th through Art Gates Records worldwide.
The artwork design has been created by Nikos Marantidis (facebook.com/nikos.marantidis) and represents the eclipse on human consciousness whenever the personal shadow has not been fully or even partially integrated.
According to the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung’s ideas, a failure to integrate the personal shadow (which represents the process in which, one dives in their unconsciousness to learn more about themselves, thus achieving “wholeness”) will always serve as a gateway to the collective shadow, which is the daemon archetype. To the extent to which most of a society’s members have succeeded to integrate a considerable part of their personal shadows, this society will be immune to falling into the trap of the collective shadow (and revert back to barbaric ways of behaviour). This is also the main philosophical theme of the album and the songs – the battle for the world’s well-being is an inner one.

Tracklist as follows:
1. Jung’s forewarning
2. Home of my Misery
3. From Within
4. Silent Stream
5. Supremacists
6. Two Extremities
7. Unwelcome
8. Wrong Planet Syndrome
9. Atavistic Fear

“Umbra” has been recorded at Renewsound Studio Productions, Sofia, BG (www.renewsound.com), mixed and mastered by Jivko Daskalov and Mihail Rusev, produced by Hyperborea.
Preorder to be available soon on AGR Online.


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