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We are excited to share the news of the beginning of our partnership with serbian progressive symphonic rock & metal project.

Leaded by the captivating Dragica Maletic, this 5 pieced musical act combines heavy riffs, beautiful atmospheres with incredible orchestral arrangements in a unique way. Its name was inspired by a medical term (Tinnitus Aurium) describing sounds of physiological or pathological origin, which may or may not always be perceived in consciousness.

In words of the band:

“When the creative part of the album is done, the entire administrative side awaits. As any up-and-coming band surely knows, it takes so many emails, phone calls, negotiations and false hopes before you finally find the perfect fit, the label you can trust with your hard work. In 2020, we struck gold and gladly joined the AGR family. After a refreshingly streamlined and transparent correspondence, our musical journey finally started in safe hands.”

After releasing 2 albums of studio “Still Life” (2015) and “The Silent Moon” (2016) and touring all over Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina Aurium will release their new & third album through Art Gates Records on June of this year!

Expect a new amazing single to be revealed this month.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and:


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