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We are proud to announce a new partnership with raw melodic Black Metal act nether from Belgium.
Founded in 2019, the band is a collection of individuals who all have their roots in the local black metal scene for several decades.
In the mood of bands such as Mgla, Batushka or Uada, Nether combines a strongly raw base with very melodic passages.
nether shares the idea that everyone of us, every individual has deep roots, deep roots in the earth, thats why we have to search the core of every individual even if it is dark and well hidden deep inside (“nether”).”
In words of the band.
“The signing with AGR is an important step for a band like nether. With this cooperation nether will start a search for the black core in everyone!”
Their debut album has been mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio and will be released in October 2020.
More info coming soon to www.artgatesrecords.com: