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Italian Prog metallers Starbynary strike back in the scene with the announcement of their upcoming album “Divina Commedia – Paradiso”, which means a step further in their career, coming out on November 13th through Art Gates Records worldwide.

The band takes after the gamut of classic progressive metal bands, the riffs and surrounding musical components in their vision of music actually dare to be varied and profound. After releasing “Dark Passenger” in 2014, “Divina Commedia – Inferno” in 2016 and “Divina Commedia – Purgatorio” in 2019, now it’s the time for the new album “Divina Commedia – Paradiso”, with the important news represented by the entry of Ralph Salati (Destrage) in the band. This album is the end of the trilogy dedicated to the concept on the masterpiece “Divina Commedia” by Dante Alighieri. The music is full of colors and shades, inside Starbynary have used languages from many types of musical styles, in a mix that has characterized the band’s music in these years. The tracklist represents the “Paradise”, like an immaterial, ethereal world, divided into nine heavens: the first seven are named after the celestial bodies of the solar system (in the order Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), the last two consist from the sphere of the “Fixed Stars” and from the “Primum Mobile”. The whole is contained in the Empyrean.

Tracklist as follows:
The Moon
The Sun
Stellae Fixae 
Primum Mobile
The Empyrean
“Divina Commedia – Paradiso” has been recorded at Luigi Accardo’s private studio (Cremona, Italy) , Guitars recorded at Sandog Studio (Milan, Italy) mixed and mastered by Manuele Pesaresi at Dyne Engine Studio (Castelfidardo, Italy) produced by Luigi Accardo and Joe Caggianelli. 
Preorder options coming soon.
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