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The AGR team is proud to introduce to you all our new signing, the Black Metal act Moorah.

Moorah is a post-black metal act (Czechia) that began as a one-man project of Count Hroozah, in late 2019. Their music is defined as “Post-Black metal” and you can hear the elements used by classic Czech and Norwegian black metal acts, as well as other post-metal, post-punk and blackgaze techniques, creating a unique weighty atmosphere and blasting sound. Ferenc Fečo, the legendary original drummer of the iconic Master’s Hammer, has joined the Prague post-black metal band Moorah.

In words of Ferenc Fečo: “When I first heard the demo of Moorah, it was an instant hit to the core. It’s not just music, it’s opinion… no posturing. It was a moment I’d been waiting for for thirty years”.

In words of Count Hroozah: “He was thus one of the first black metal drummers ever. I am extremely happy to have Ferenc with us. Now we are complete, the mission begins. We didn’t just get a great drummer, with whose playing Moorah’s music has gained a powerful drive. Ferenc is a real brother with whom I can debate Goethe, things on the other side, order and chaos… True original.”

These Czech metallers are ready to set the world on fire with their debut album via Art Gates Records

Expect dark rushing tunes in the next weeks.
More info coming soon on

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