The Melodic Death Metal band Altar of I are ready to share brand new information about their upcoming album “Human Resources”, being internationally released on March 3rd, 2023 via Art Gates Records!

This startling artwork has been designed by Alix Gratzer and Christina Hartenberger and in words of the band it represents:
"It represents the main theme of the album. It’s a Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature that consumes human bodies and it symbolizes the lyrics which mainly focus on the using of humans as a resource. The Wendigo also represents our ruthless consuming habits which will cause the doom of humankind. But who are we to determine our fall?"

The sound of “Human Resources“ is powerful and modern with sharp guitars, dynamic bass lines and passionate vocals all combined with aggressive drums and original synths. The austrian act define their new sound this way:
"The instrumentals of some songs on “Human Resources“ were already created a few years prior. The idea of making the album arose in 2018, so in every song there are different ideas and different musical influences, but melodic riffs are the core of all songs. There are influences from Melodic Death, Progressive, Power, Metalcore and Folk Metal underlaid with screaming and growling as well as clean vocals. The melodic riffs are accompanied with epic keys, synth orchestrations and rather uncommon instruments like a hurdy gurdy or a djembe."

Tracklist as follows:
1. Wiindigookaanzhimowin
2. Spreading The Disease
3. The Creation of Godzilla
4. Scelus
5. Arkanus
6. Beauty / Beast
7. The Sourcerer
8. Conquista
9. Subjekt
10. Warriors
11. AI
12.Into the Abyss
13. Ex Umbra In Solem
14. Apple Tree
15. Wendigod
16. Goyaałé (Death before Dehumanization)

“Human Resources” has been produced by Altar of I and mixed and mastered by Sick of Sound/Michael Kraxenberger.

Stay tuned for their upcoming preorder bundles, you're going to want them all!

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