The band Anne O is back and they do it with the renewal of their sound, adapting the base of their last works towards the black/death metal style, keeping their energy and without losing their essence.

We let the band explain the new sound with their own words:

"With "METATRÓN" we go back to more metal sounds... to our "Dios no tiene ningún plan maestro para nosotros" era. Darker and more aggressive sound... Edu from TheMIXtery Valencia defined it "as a sound with a lot of evil" hahaha. Death metal sound with touches of black metal and hardcore. Very underground, close to bands from the first death and black batches."

Mark your calendars because you will be able to listen to "Metatrón" next March 8th 2024 through Art Gates Records worldwide!

The cover of this LP has been designed and created by Sergio Barberá García and Jorge Barberá García at Satan's Love Estudio and in words of the band represents:

The artwork is a synthesis of the thematic of the lyrics of the album. The new work is called Metatron, the cover refers to this angel.... The design refers to monotheistic symbology, paganism, freemasonry... the esoteric and religious world, superstition and religion, on the concept of the Veil of Isis. The concept of "good" and "bad" under the filter of religion, esotericism and everything that can manipulate you morally, economically and socially. About the Beginning of the world and its end

1. Gnosis
2. En la Heterotopía
3. La Nada Tras la Cortina
4. Capilla Peligrosa
5. Río de Hyperstición
6. Burdel de Reliquias

Drums recorded at Millenia Studios

Instruments and Vocals recorded at The Mixtery Valencia by Edu Nogués

Produced, mixed and mastered by Raúl Abellán at The Mixtery Mota del Cuervo.

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