Astray Valley give us the details of their latest work entitled "Midnight Sun", which will be released on December 1st 2023 via Art Gates Records worldwide.

For the band, "Midnight Sun" is a step forward in many aspects, and they define the sound of this opus as:

We feel it's the result of a long time playing with our identity. Many things have changed in how we work and perceive our music in this record. First of all, we believe we've found a unique blend of many different styles, yet forming a cohesive whole that is distinctly ours. In this record, we want anyone to become part of the project, enjoying and being part of the songs regardless of the genre they typically listen to. Moreover, this album has allowed us to compose in a completely different way, building songs around the vocals and melodies, making it easier to connect with people. Expressive harmonies, catchy choruses, and, at the same time, our usual gutturals have allowed us to have a chromatic range we are especially proud of. Additionally, we've played with the sound design in the instrumental and introduced a new electronic element that played a significant role in this album, and we are particularly pleased because it opens up a new harmonic and sonic richness. Each song is a completely different world, with a distinct tone and a unique intention. It's an entertaining and lighthearted album that we want people to listen to as many times as they want, discovering new nuances with each play.


The artwork has been designed by Nat Enemede, and in band's words it represents:

We were coming from an EP where aesthetics played a significant role, not only in terms of artwork but also in the musical and scenic aspects. We believe that music is part of a creative whole that merges with the world of each song we create. In this case, we wanted to turn the concept of contrasts upside down, the sun merging with the night, representing a diabolical being as a fallen angel, and delving into the essence of that mystique. We are interested in the world of the misunderstood, dealings with dark deities, or even deals across time, having this masked character as a central figure in different eras of humanity. As we know, many cultures had the sun as their main deity, so we like this metaphor where this deity can give and take life. All of this is represented through a black sun, symbolizing the album's title and its duality, at the center of a golden mask representing grandeur and eternity. Additionally, we believe that this concept represents an album filled with very different songs in many aspects, yet all having a creative foundation that acts as a common thread, forming part of the same theme and universe. The mask is entirely real and unique, as it is a creation born from Clau Violette's drawings and 3D printed with the assistance of a great friend of the band, Marc Rojas (3D artist).


1. Darkest Times
2. Neon Misery
3. Your Skin
4. Pray For The Devil
5. The Hunger
6. The Storm
7. Days Are Fading
8. When The Sun Goes Down


Midnight Sun has been recorded in many locations. The instrumental was recorded by Joan 'Vena' Moreno. The backtracks were recorded by Adrià Funerailles and Joan 'Vena' Moreno. Vocals were recorded by Txosse Ruiz at Wheel Sound Studio.

Mixing and mastering were carried out by Max Morton at Morton Studios, producer for bands like Jinjer and Shokran, among many others.

The album was produced by Joan 'Vena' Moreno for instrumental and vocals, and Adrià Funerailles for the backtracks and electronics.


Stay tuned and don't miss any details about the upcoming opus by Astray Valley!

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