The Heavy Metal band, Brimstone share the details of their upcoming self-titled album which will be out November 29th 2024 through Art Gates Records.

The designer of the album cover is Yan Sek

We asked Brimstone to tell us more about the artwork of this upcoming album:

"We had checked out Yan Sek's website and picked out a few pieces that we liked, to give him an idea of the type of things we were vibing with from his collection. We then let him know that we definitely also need lots of skulls, flames, horns, smoke and motorcycles! So this was an excellent starting point. Yan listened to the album for a few spins and started to let his creative juices flow."

Here is his interpretation for the cover art for the album after being given our brief:

"There is a skeleton knight who travels on his motorcycle to all corners of the world finding the meaning of the truth that always stabs his heart from within. There are 3 skulls that always accompany him faithfully and on the back there are wings that give the meaning of unlimited wanderings. He can cross all places on earth without encountering obstacles."
We loved Yan's story behind the inspiration for this piece - it's a cool message.
Yan has done all of the album artwork for the booklet - and each unique piece has its own story that connects both with the lyrical content of the songs and also the imagination of the artist / listener."

We asked the band about the new sound and this is what they share with us:

"We really wanted to expand on our sound with this album in a lot of ways and we feel that we have definitely achieved that. We had two very specific goals we were chasing, which helped to mould the sounds for this particular record.
The first one was to write songs for the live stage, we were imagining a live audience with this material: How will they react?, Can you headbang to this?, Will they sing along?, Is there massive energy and melody?, Is this interesting for the audience as the song's journey moves through its paces?

The second one was to not be a one trick pony with just heavy riffs and grooves from start to finish, and be open to anything and everything on a soundscape level. Once again, we feel that we hit our target. The songs on the album run the gauntlet from full on face melting guitar solos, to power-groove head banging assault rhythms, to massive sing along choruses, to slow sludgy chugging grinds and there's even a piano ballad!
We have really pushed ourselves creatively and artistically  to connect with the listener on many levels. Your foot is tapping, your head is banging, and you're screaming along with us, fists pumping! We feel that this material is very accessible. It sinks its melodic, heavy talons into you and before you know it, you're singing the words and humming the riffs - without even realising it ... you've been BRIMSTONED!"

Recorded at Red Engine Recording - Brisbane - Australia
Mixed at Red Engine Recording - Brisbane - Australia
Mastered by Matt Gray Mastering - Brisbane - Australia
Produced by Steve James (Sex Pistols, Hawkwind, Airbourne)


1.  Cometh The Iceman

2. When The Ship Goes Down

3. Boogeyman

4. Forever No More

5. Evil Understands

6. Run From The Clouds

7. Doctor Of Spin

8. Poison Apple Bite

9. What Have I Become

10. This Eternal Winter


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