We are excited to introduce Spanish Contemporary Metal act Nulled as the new versatile artist to enter into the AGR family of international talents!

Nulled is a new emerging band formed back in 2018 in the modern metal scene from Spain, combining fast & sharpenned guitar riffs with catchy melodies and drums that could destroy a wall, their music is the perfect mixture of all band members' influences.

In words of Iván Magdalena (Art Gates Records CEO):
"I love to discover new talents & give them a big push so new levels are reached by them. One of our greatest discoveries this year in the modern metal genre".

In words of the band:
"We are very excited to start this new stage with Art Gates Records, which will mean progress as a band and being able to reach more people".

After presenting their previous opus "Strokes of Reason" (2022), receiving an outstanding feedback by the specialized media & live shows, Nulled are re-inventing themselves by combining a huge variety of sounds with strong riffs and different melodies, highlighting the synths that characterize their sound. All these creations will be embodied with an upcoming album that will be released in 2023 via Art Gates Records worldwide!

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We are proud to announce melodic death metal act Altar of I as the new artist to join the AGR international family of artists!

Altar of I was founded in 2016 in Klagenfurt (Austria). In their beginnings, ALTAR OF I was founded to create a modern combination of Metalcore and melodic Death Metal. With a few changes in their line up and the years passing by, these metallers started to define their style by adding progressive elements, blending aggressive and melodic death metal with atmospheric and progressive elements underlaid with passionate vocals, varying from growling to screaming and clean singing. Their lyrics treat social and political issues with a philosophical approach.

In the words of the band:

"In a world where people pray to faceless gods and obey rules given from above, it is time to realize who the real gods are: everyone of us. We are our own masters. We should be leading, not following blindly. Your body is your altar as it contains your soul and mind. You are your own god. The ´I´ in you is who you should pray to as it is the center of your own identity. Our music and our lyrics represent our personalities and our view on the world surrounding us. We put all our emotions and energy into our music, we hope you can hear and feel it."

After playing all over their homecountry, playing festivals and supporting bands such as Irdorath, Carnifex and others, Altar Of I are more than ready to break the ice, reach several steps further and play all over Europe with the release of their upcoming album “Human Resources” via Art Gates Records worldwide in 2022.
More news in expected weeks!
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