Dawn Of Extinction unveils astonishing details about "From Tears to Vengeance", the upcoming EP that will be released March 24th 2023 via Art Gates Records worldwide.

The astounding artwork of the EP has been conceived by Joe arca from Arca Design and according to Dawn of Extinction represents...

..."The three states one must go through after being in tears to get to the revenge itself:
On the one hand the state of pain produced by any event, represented with golden tears. On the other hand, the statue/stone's texture as an intermediate state of the dehumanization that exists in between pain and the act of overcoming it. And finally, the demonic trait represents revenge, symbolizing rebuilding oneself as something even more dreadful than any fear".

The evolutionary sound of this opus in the words of the band:

"We could define this album as a perfect evolution from our two previous albums, adding the new influences we have acquired and our particular progress as musicians. We have managed to bring our different influences forward throughout the album, from melodic death metal, thrash metal, black metal, to certain characteristics of the most traditional heavy metal, so that each song is an experience full of surprises where without leaving our course, we mix different variants of style. We have achieved our best mix of aggressiveness, forcefulness and melody to date and we are convinced that it will be very well received by the public".

1. Beyond the Fear
2. Rise From Oblivion
3. The Monster Inside
4. Underrated
5. Haters
6. From Tears to Vengeance

"From Tears to Vengeance" has been recorded at (DeMarjal Studios) mixed and mastered by Alex Tomás and produced by Alex Tomás & Dawn of Extinction.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and:


The Art Gates Records crew is proud to introduce Spanish Thrash/Death metalheads Dawn of Extinction as the new band to join the family!
Dawn of Extinction was made up as a project in 2014 when the brothers Cristian and Daniel Juárez decided to form a band including Metalcore, Death Metal, and Thrash metal influences.

Their music excels with a great capacity to blend the best parts of harsh Thrash and savage Death Metal   without entering in the “Core” metal concept. Also they are distinguished by their high energy and agrressive attitude on stage.

DOE has been nominated severla times as Best Metal Album of the Yeards for "Rebirth the Hate" also performing along with well-known acts such as Crisix, Vita Imana or Ankor and also beign part of festivals such as Resurrection Fest.

In Words of Joe A. Arca:
“We're incredibly excited to work with this great talented combo. I've seen them on stage and not only are they able to make an amazing show on stage... their songs are the perfect blend for the most aggressive and melodic Metal lovers. I am convinced they will rise into the new generation of the Metal scene.”

After releasing their EP "Welcome to the New Century" in 2018, these spaniards are ready to conquer the entire world with their breathtaking upcoming album via Art Gates Records in the first semester of 2022.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and:


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