The Swiss Heavy Metal band Distant Past announces a new album and all the details about it! We are happy to let you know that "Solaris" will be out next November 8th 2024 through Art Gates Records!

We asked the band to tell us about the cover and sound of this new album "Solaris" and this is what they want us to know:

"The Coverartwork and the interior of the booklet and Digipack were designed by Tomasz Moranski. He also did our artwork for the Albums "Utopian Void" (2014) and "Rise of the Fallen"(2016). He is a polish artist who did designs for book and computer games. He also designed the Logo of Distant Past. He really enjoyed doing the artwork for "Solaris", as he knows the novel well.  

The Artwork and concept is based on the 1961 novel "Solaris" by Stanislaw Lem. As well as the film adaptation of 1972 by Andrei Tarkowski. It’s tale of fundamental human behavior and the dark passages and hidden doors in one’s mind. The visitors of this planet are haunted by ghosts of their past, the main protagonist's deceased wife reappears on the station, and he can't get rid of her, and she doesn't know why she is here. The cover shows the wife fading from the memories into reality. I really like the melancholy of this picture. Other elements of the Artwork (inside) include the Planet Solaris from the window of the space station. It is cleverly done, and it depicts the view from the inside of the spaceship approaching Solaris. The band is pictured to be in hyperbaric Chambers. Fantastic Stuff! 

After the new line-up found a new sound and work routine for "The Final Stage", the same line-up could elaborate and refine the new material. We concentrated on our strengths and wanted to create and elaborate on themes and melodies. We included more double guitar harmonies and cool standalone bass lines. There’s are light and shade parts on this record and some cool choruses that invite to shout along, as well as melodies to hum along too. We are really proud of this record, we think is a major step forward but still maintaining the old school heavy metal energy, for which Distant Past is know for!"

1. End of Life (Intro)
2. No Way Out
3. Warriors of the Wasteland
4. Sacrifice
5. Rise above Fear
6. Island of the Lost Souls
7. Fugitive of Tomorrow
8. Speed Dealer
9. The Watchers
10. Realm of the Gods
11. Fire & Ice

Drum Recordings, mixing and mastering were done at Little Creek Studio by V.O. Pulver (Gurd, Poltergeist, Messiah) 

Bass, Vocals, Guitars and everything else were recorded by Adriano Troiano at Kayfabe Studio, both Switzerland.


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