We are excited to announce the details of this promising opus which marks a stunning return for Reveal.

This cover has been designed by Felipe Machado (Blind Guardian, Rage and many more) and in the words of the band it represents:
"The cover is a true reflection of what we find in the songs that make up this album, from the first conversations with Felipe, who already worked with Reveal in our previous album, he knew how to capture the idea and concept of the album".

Reveal also give us details about the sound they have developed for their new album:
"Rob's voice is present, with more aggressiveness than ever, but without losing its melodic part, each instrument is recorded to have its space without sacrificing anything. The final result is a clean and impeccable production without falling into artificial sounds, plus the final touch given by Mika Jussila has elevated the production to another level, the heaviest and most melodic album we have recorded, which can remind at times to our influences, Blind Guardian, Rage and all that European metal wave".

1. You're still Alive
2. Page by Page
3. The Dragon Reborn
4. The Crow
5. World Full of Wonders
6. Metal Messiahs
7. Sea of Lies
8. Not Look Back
9. The Man Without Fear

"Still Alive" has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the band's own studios and mixed and produced by Tino Hevia (Nörthwind, Darksun) guitarist and composer of the band.

This epic album will be released on November 3rd, 2023 via Art Gates Records, so stay tuned to Art Gates Records and Reveal's social networks as we will be announcing more great news about this release very soon.

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