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Melodius Deite "Demonology" CD + T-Shirt (Preorder)

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Get ready for Melodius Deite's epic return with their highly anticipated new album, 'Demonology'!

Secure your exclusive Pre-sale pack before April 26, 2024, the global release date.


1. Prologue of the Devil
2. Lucifer (The Fallen Star)
3. Knights of Heaven
4. Prince of the Nightfall
5. Warrior's Heart and Soul
6. Full Moon Howls
7. Heroes Strike Back
8. Witchery ft. Anira
9. March of the Empire
10. Overture of Silence
11. Prepare for Battle
12. Lament of the Banshee
13. Infinite Battle Cry
14. After the Rain (New Version)
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Melodius Deite "Demonology" CD + T-Shirt (Preorder)