Contemporary progressive metal act Xeno is here to wet your appetite with fresh details about the upcoming EP "Reconstruction", coming out November 16th via Art Gates Records worldwide.

The artwork of the EP has been created by Mohammad Behrouzi and represents the cycle of past, present and future, and creation and perdition. Xeno's belief is that these concepts are all intimately connected in one cycle, with our consciousness at the centre of all decisions which create our past, destroy our future, and/or vice versa..
In other words, everything in our present moment influences our past and future. Creation vs Perdition.

In words of the band...
"This EP is, first and foremost, an ode to our past. A bow and nod of respect to where we started as a band, and in doing so, seeking spiritual permission to move on to pastures new. In that present moment, and especially during the pandemic, we felt deeply connected to our roots and felt strongly that we wanted to find closure with what has been. We also did not want to sit around and wait for the pandemic to end. All these thoughts and feelings combined brought us 'Reconstruction EP'. 'To rebuild'.
Therefore we decided to rewrite 3 songs from our very first album, 'Atlas Construct', in our new style. Although it has not been an easy journey writing this EP, it was a therapeutic one nonetheless. Our journey as musicians is always subject to change: exploring different sounds, themes, structures and concepts. And now that we have finalised this project, this honor to our roots, we feel as a collective that it can be time to start moving forward artistically, with new members, new ideas, new experiments, sounds, genres, concepts, etc..
We are very excited and proud to share our latest EP, and we hope you love it as much as we do".

Tracklist below:
1. Columns
2. Pillars
3. Gift

"Reconstruction" has been mixed by Gyan Klomp and mastered by Nacho Molino.

After releasing one of the most impressive debuts of 2020 ("Sojourn"), these prog metalheads are more than ready to take the next step into their fascinating musical journey.

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