Melodius Deite "Elysium" CD

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Melodius Deite - "Elysium" (CD Preorder)

A modern album with the combination of Power Metal, Progressive Metal and Death Metal; Decorated by a movie soundtrack ambient along with some modern stuff like Djent, lots of extreme elements can be heard.  

Release date: October 23rd, 2020


1. Destructive Chaos
2. Love Or Lust
3. Gluttonous Being
4. Covetousness 
5. Acts Of Failure
6. Wrath Of The Zealots
7. Malicious Envy
8. Vainglorious Pride
9. Neo Utopia
10. Novelist (New Version)
11. Various Seaons (Bonus Track)

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Melodius Deite "Elysium" CD

Data sheet

Melodius Deite
Music Genre
Heavy Metal - Power Metal